Registration 2016 Session1

このページは2016年度 Session 1の申し込みページです。

This page is for Session 1 registration.


なるべく多くの方にオーエンキャンプに参加して頂けるよう、また皆様に公平に機会を設けるため、今年より、キャンプ参加はお一人様 1セッションのみ とさせていただきます。複数セッション参加を希望される場合は、4月4日以降に一般枠でお申込みいただけますが自動的にウェイティングリストとなります。参加については、第2、第3希望のセッションが定員になり申し込みを締め切ったあとでキャンセルが出た場合にリストの上から順にお知らせいたします。


  • オーエンキャンプ過去参加年数が合計5年以上の家族
    2016年4月1日 夜10時(Eastern time) 申し込み受付開始
  • オーエンキャンプ過去参加年数が合計3年以上の家族
    2016年4月2日 夜10時(Eastern time) 申し込み受付開始
  • オーエンキャンプに過去に1年以上参加の家族
    2016年4月3日 夜10時(Eastern time) 申し込み受付開始

一般受付開始 4月4日(日曜)午後10時 (Eastern time) ~










There are limited number of spaces available for Thursday sleepover (up to 45 campers). 
It will be first-come first-serve.

In order to avoid the busy online traffic on the registration page, priority registration opportunities will be offered for limited time as the following. Between April 1st and April 3rd, the registration page is accessible to only those families below.

Please note that the registration page will be closed for that day once it reaches to the maximum number of priority slots.

New this year:  We ask everyone to register 1 session only, so there will be more children who can experience O-en camp.  If you would like to participate in multiple sessions, you may register after April 4th as general public.  You will be automatically listed on the wait list for your second/third session(s).  After the session registration is closed, you may have a chance to get in if there is any cancellation and a space becomes available.

  • Families who have attended O-en Camp more than 5 years in the past
    Siblings of O-en Counselor (the counselor must have registered already)
    April 1st, 2016  10pm- (Eastern time)
  • Families who have attended O-en camp more than 3 years in the past
    April 2nd, 2016  10pm- (Eastern time)
  • Families who have attended O-en camp 1 year and more in the past
    April 3rd, 2016   10pm – (Eastern time)

General Public Registration begins April 4th at 10pm (Eastern time).

Registration Steps

Register from this page

You will receive a confirmation via email
(Payment will be after the confirmation)


Refund/Cancellation Policy:

100% Refund . Cancellation made by 21 days before the first day of session (by June 6th)
75% Refund . Cancellation made by 14 days before the first day of session (by June 13th)
50% Refund . Cancellation made by 7 days before the first day of session (by June 20th)
25% Refund . Cancellation made by 2 days before the first day of session (by June 25th)
No Refund can be requested after the first day of session

*The refund will be made accordingly depending upon a situation and a case.




Register HERE