About Us

O-en (/Oh en/) Network is a non-profit organization, which supports those people who are Japanese, Japanese heritage, or simply interested in Japan, but live away from Japan (mainly Washington DC metropolitan area). We would like to offer some opportunities for you to experience Japanese culture, to maintain and to expand your previous knowledge and interests in Japan and Japanese.

Main activities are summer camp for young children (with volunteer opportunities for high school/college students), cultural events such as fieldtrips, and individual supports to understand different living styles better.

We also offer some educational guidance for children and their family from Japan, who are not sure about the educational system in the US as well as bilingual/heritage children.



特にア メリカで生活している子供達や、かつて日本で生活していた経験があり日本語や日本文化に触れる、継承、維持する機会をこちらでも求めている方、または日本から来たばかりでまだこちらでの生活に馴染めず不安を抱えていらっしゃる方、どうしても英語力に自信がなくて困っている方などに対し、文化や言語習得と継承、そして子育て、教育相談などを中心に、アメリカでの生活をサポートすることがオーエンネットワークの目的でもあります。